How to make a small claim?

How to make a small claim?

A small claim is typically for cases under £10,000 and less complex.

It's handled in the small claims track where winning parties usually can't recover legal costs. Common small claims include debt recovery, faulty workmanship, or issues with goods.

To start a claim, first attempt to negotiate with the other party. If unresolved, fill in a Claim Form from the Court Service website or local County Court.

Submit the completed form, along with the court fee, to the County Court Money Claims Centre. After filing, the defendant can admit, dispute, or partially admit the claim.

If unresponsive, seek a default judgment. Prepare for a hearing by following court directions and having necessary documents.

Remember, litigation can be risky and should be a last option. 

This is a general guide; specific situations may require tailored advice.

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