Average Costs of Uncontested Divorce in the UK

Average Costs of Uncontested Divorce in the UK

In the event that YOU initiate divorce proceedings, you will act as the petitioner and be responsible for the fees ranging from £700 to £2,000, along with a divorce centre fee of £593, resulting in a total cost of £1,300 to £2,600.

Conversely, if you are the respondent, you will not incur the divorce centre fee and typically face lower solicitor's fees, resulting in total expenses ranging from £400 to £800.

Financial Settlements

Additional costs arise for financial settlements. A straightforward agreement, with minimal complexities or disputes, typically costs around £400. This involves a  preparation a Financial Remedy Consent Order, with an additional court fee of £53.

For cases involving more complex assets, the cost increases to approximately £2,000.

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