When is my company accounts filing deadline?

When is my company accounts filing deadline?

For a company with a fiscal year ending on 31st March, the important deadlines are as follows:

  • File the Company's accounts with Companies House by 31st December.
  • Pay Corporation Tax by 1st January (note that it is not the 31st!).
  • Submit the Company Tax Return by 31st March.

These timelines apply unless it is the company's first fiscal year after incorporation; in such cases, different deadlines would apply.

Please be aware that if you rely on an accountant, the 31st December 2023 falls on a Sunday, and they may not be available.

It's crucial to coordinate and deliver the signed accounts for submission well in advance.

Remember, the ultimate responsibility to ensure timely filing of accounts rests with you, not your accountant. Reach out to your accountant immediately to confirm schedules and deadlines.

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