Parental Responsibility | Child Arrangement Order

Parental Responsibility | Child Arrangement Order

What does a Child Arrangements Order entail?

A Child Arrangements Order is a directive that determines the residence, visitation, and contact details for a child, specifying who the child will live with, spend time with, or have contact with. These orders are customized to suit the unique circumstances of each family and prioritize the best interests of the individual child. As a result, there's no standard or 'typical' arrangement, as these orders are crafted based on the specific situation. Child Arrangements Orders are regulated by section 8 of the Children Act 1989.

The Court typically involves an officer from the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service (CAFCASS) to meet the child, both parents, and assess the circumstances to create a report.

Depending on the complexity of the issues and any allegations presented, the Court may request reports from other experts. Once more, the primary concern of the Court is determining what serves the child's best interests.

Opt for self-representation. Legal costs vary between £110 and £410 per hour, and the decision to represent oneself may arise from a preference to address the judge directly or due to financial limitations. This is where ACCOUNTICA'S support becomes so relevant.

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