A Guide to Medium vs Short-Term Marriages

A Guide to Medium vs Short-Term Marriages

In UK family law, there is no strict definition of a "short" marriage, but generally, marriages that last less than 5 years are often considered short.

For marriages of the 5 - 10 years duration, are often considered to be of medium length. While there's no strict rule, the duration of the marriage is an important factor in the division of assets during a divorce and the court still considers various factors such as the needs and future earning capacities of both parties, contributions to the marriage (both financial and non-financial), and the standard of living during the marriage. However, the approach to dividing assets can be somewhat between the treatment of shorter and longer marriages.

The length of the marriage is a significant factor that courts take into account when dividing assets during a divorce.

For short marriages, the courts may lean more towards the principle of non-matrimonial property, meaning that they are more likely to consider assets brought into the marriage by each individual as remaining their own.

Additionally, the division of assets accumulated during the marriage is typically more focused on ensuring each party exits the marriage with what they brought into it, rather than an equal division of all assets.

In shorter marriages, the focus may shift more towards ensuring both individuals can sustain themselves independently post-divorce, which could mean a different approach to dividing assets accumulated during the marriage rather than equalising future incomes.

For medium marriages, the division of assets may still reflect the partnership's contributions, but with a careful consideration of the extent to which the parties have mingled their assets and the extent to which each party has contributed to building those assets.

It is less about ensuring a 50/50 split and more about achieving a fair outcome that reflects the marriage's circumstances and duration.

It's recommended to seek advice for personalised guidance in a divorce scenario.

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